ASSIST-U.S.®” is the acronym for: Aerial Surveillance, Security & Intelligence Systems Technologies- U.S., LLC.. The words stand for the following:

  • Aerial:  Airborne cameras provide an omniscient viewpoint, an “eye-in-the-sky,” superior situational awareness
  • Surveillance:  Information (data) gathering on: What has happened? What is happening now? What is likely to happen?
  • Security:  Threat detection, mitigation and removal
  • Intelligence:  Processed data and metadata, useful information for those with a need to know and the ability to act/respond
  • Systems:  Processes and procedures used to collect, analyze and disseminate intelligence
  • Technologies: Hardware/software used in the collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence data
  • -U.S.®:  A trademarked, all-American company!

Since beginning operations in 2010, our focus has gradually expanded from homeland security and providing aerial ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) data services to include other critical arenas in the U.S. domestic market whose needs for aerial information and imagery are just as important. For the home market, we are using the term “aerial data acquisition” to describe the services we provide to the users, markets and industries that do not fall within the public safety market (law enforcement, emergency response and homeland security). The users in those markets continue to require aerial ISR-focused solutions.