Our satisfied customers come from a diverse group of markets and industries that include these applications of our services:

Chemical Plant Post-Explosion Damage Assessment

Law enforcement, emergency management and homeland security personnel are using our services as valuable tools for command and control of resources, cost savings, and saving lives. We have similarly demonstrated their value to responders in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters for resource deployment and the security and safety of personnel.

Track Obstruction Survey



Utility and transportation managers employ our services to receive timely and cost-effective storm damage assessment and maintenance surveys.

Wetlands Survey

Environmental engineers and marine scientists apply our services to meet their needs for valuable information where wide area coverage of conditions is merited, including marine and bird population studies, impact assessments of accidental and illicit discharges, and surveys to document widespread areas of diseased forest and crops.

Real Estate Promotion


Real estate agencies and tourist businesses have employed us
to boost sales with promotional videos and still photography.