ASSIST has previously offered the Aerial Liaison Officer (ALO) training to two audiences in  the public safety community: One for fire fighting /emergency services (FF/ES) personnel and one for law enforcement and homeland security (LE/HS) personnel.

This year (2014), the course for the law enforcement community has been revised and updated with a new focus: Aviation Safety and Accident Response for Law Enforcement:  A New Hampshire Perspective

Contact the Police Academy Registrar for the course schedule and to register. A printed copy of the course description for either version is available by contacting the ASSIST registrar: or downloading it here:


Public safety organizations typically need to:

  • Coordinate and control critical, finite resources in challenging, dynamic public safety situations and environments
  • Respond to a wide range of disaster response plans, programs and requirements
  • Conduct effective, on-scene command and control for a variety of critical response mission areas.

Understanding how to respond to these situations can be an important tool in your public safety emergency response kit.

Course Description

PART 1: A general overview of aviation activity in New Hampshire communities and fundamental concepts in aviation operations. (2.5-3.0 hours)

  • Basic Aircraft Types and Aviation in New Hampshire
  • General Overview of Airports and Airport Operations
  • General Overview of Aircraft and Aircraft Operations
  • Communication Best Practices: Aircrew, Agencies, the Public

PART 2: A study of abnormal aviation operations: reckless flying, incidents, and accidents. (3.0-3.5 hours)

  • Reckless Operations
  • Aircraft Incidents
  • Aircraft Accidents
  • Final analysis and discussion


The seminar is delivered by Rick Bartle, Chief Technology Officer at ASSIST Aviation Solutions, LLC. View his bio here.