Many individuals within our client and prospect base, in both public and private organizations, often need aerial acquired imagery and/or may interact with aviation service providers. Their organizations include:

  • Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Search and Rescue, Emergency Response, Scientific Survey, Campus Security

ASSIST offers a professional development program upon request or in collaboration with existing professional development organizations within the public safety agencies, such as the NH Police Standards and Training Council (NHPSSTC) and the NH Dept. of Safety, Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services (NHFSTEMS). The current offering – Aviation Safety and Accident Response for Law Enforcement:  A New Hampshire Perspective  is through the NHPSSTC. Read the Course Description here.

Users and potential users of the programs:

  • Colleges and universities with aviation and criminal justice programs are evaluating this program for inclusion in their curricula, as many new and prospective pilots want to have these credentials on their resumes as they apply for aviation-related positions.
  • State-based public safety training academies are also interested in incorporating these seminars and courses into their programs. The NH Police Standards and Training Council is offering the Aviation Safety seminar in the fall of 2014.

The course is taught by the Chief Technology Officer, Rick Bartle (bio).

The ASMTP course catalog is available upon request:

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