Helicopter Hospital Landing

This software application tool supports pilot training. The initial product (patent pending) is targeted toward helicopter operations, primarily those used in medical emergency flights, where approaches to hospital heliports are not well documented.

This web- and video-based training tool is a customized, graphical user interface incorporating video, still images, graphics and audio to introduce and update aircrews on the procedures, real world environmental factors and unique aspects of individual Instrument Approach Procedures to airports, heliports and other landing facilities.

Applications and Users:

Applications include initial training on specific instrument approaches, recurrent training, and safety reviews.

Initial users include Medevac helicopter and fixed wing pilots, Part 121 airlines, Part 135 operators, flight schools and military aviators.

Request a Demonstration:

  • Rick Bartle, Director of Aviation Operations,603-505-4668, x 104 or contact@assistaviationsolutions.com