Our consulting and training portfolio for prospects and clients comprise three service categories: Aerial Asset Selection, Analysis, and Training.

Aerial Asset Selection Services

We work with prospects and clients to ensure they are aware of the full range of available aerial imagery platform options and understand how to optimize the use of ADA solutions and what is possible within the constraints of the national air space.

  • Our sales team consults with clients and prospects to ensure they are aware of the full spectrum of aerial imagery platform options available to them, in both the short- and long-term. This is particularly important for those who are considering the use of unmanned/unpiloted aviation vehicles/systems (UAVs, UASs). Read more

Analysis Services

We work with prospects and clients to identify the right analysis solutions to support your specific and unique requirements. We deliver the information relevant to your mission’s goals based on the requirements established during the mission planning stage. Read more …

Training Services

We work with members of the public safety community — emergency services, law enforcement, special operations — to customize our aviation emergency management training to their unique needs. Read more

  • The Aviation Emergency Management Training Program© (AEMTP) is a classroom-based, hands-on curriculum for public safety organizations that recognize the need to have trained aviation specialists on their staffs. Read more
  • Our professional development software tool, the ApproachProSM Videographic Training Application, is a PC-based, self-paced software application for medical emergency helicopter pilots and other organizations that require quickly accessible pilot training for unfamiliar landing approaches. Read more

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