We team with you to plan your project (mission) to achieve your organization’s unique needs and goals, from initial baseline assessment to on-going/follow-up inspection flights and surveys; from property and asset surveys to illicit discharge violations and marine wildlife surveys.

Our experienced team will help you select from our menu of cost-effective, flexible, preplanned or rapid response capabilities to develop the customized mission plan best suited to your aerial imagery and/or program management requirements. Our team’s experience and in-house capability enables marine researchers and offshore energy scientists to perform scientific survey projects of all types by delivering observers and/or imagery payload to survey locations along the coast or off-shore.


Piscataqua River Bridge


Types of Programs:

  • Initial (baseline) assessments
  • Ongoing survey flights
  • Inspection patrols for change detection and risk mitigation
  • GIS mapping
  • Emergency Response

To begin your mission planning:

  • Contact the Aviation Operations Department for more information: 603-505-4668, x 108 or email

Once we have jointly designed your specific mission plan, ASSIST will initiate the mission to acquire your imagery or transport your observers to their desired locations.