Once you have selected and planned the mission with us that meets your specific requirements, ASSIST applies our resources to your applications to ensure you receive or gather the information you require.We can acquire your imagery in a variety of formats and transmit it using a variety of delivery and archival options, described below. Archiving options are available when aerial transmission is not required.

Our team’s experience and in-house capability also enables marine researchers and offshore energy scientists to perform scientific survey projects of all types from the air by delivering observers and/or imagery payload to survey locations along the coast or off-shore.

Imagery & Data Formats

  • H264, WMV, BMP
  • KML (Google Earth Overlay)
  • KMZ (Google Earth Tour)

Delivery Options

  • Streaming standard definition (SD) full motion video in electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) formats with embedded geospatial reference data
  • Streaming high definition (HD) full motion video
  • HD still imagery
  • HD cinematography

Archival Options

  • Non-streamed video or still imagery recorded to DVD or portable hard drive
  • Electronic transmission (e.g., via email or from our media server)
  • Real-time streaming to your command center for immediate action and/or archiving

View our imagery portfolio in the Media Gallery.

To begin your program planning:

  • Contact the Aviation Operations Department for more information: 603-505-4668, x104, or contact@assistaviationsolutions.com

After your imagery has been acquired, our analysts will then process it into usable intelligence and knowledge you can immediately apply to your unique situation, according to the consulting solutions you have selected.