Aerial Data Acquisition (ADA) is the method we use to provide aerial full motion video imagery in both standard and high-definition daylight (EO) and night-time/thermal (IR) formats and/or high-resolution still images. We apply a combination of innovative technologies—state-of-the-art aerial imaging equipment and communication technologies—mounted on our light aircraft. This capability allows us to record and transmit full motion video and/or still imagery to clients’ smart phones, laptops or command centers for immediate response or as archived footage for later analysis.

ASSIST Operational Overview

Solutions Portfolio

  • Aviation Program Management: We build safe, highly-effective and cost-efficient solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs, using our extensive experience and access to a variety of imagery and aviation technologies. Read more.
  • Aerial Imagery & Data Acquisition: We record, store and/or stream digital imagery to customers’ chosen locations using the extensive variety of imagery formats, aircraft, and related technologies at our disposal. We process and/or archive it based on each customer’s planned use. Our aircraft and crew are  also available to provide safe and reliable observer transportation to offshore locations — coastal or ocean — to perform aerial observations of marine wildlife and offshore energy structures. The observers we transport to offshore locations often use their own imaging equipment. Read more.
  • Consulting & Training: We offer analysis resources, as needed, to process your data based on your unique requirements; aviation emergency management training for the public safety and special operations communities; and consulting to ensure prospects and clients understand the full range of aerial imagery assets (aircraft platforms, sensors and communications) options available. Read more.

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