The Challenges

ASSIST-U.S. Cessna O2 Overwater Observation Platform-1

Military intelligence organizations and individuals engaged in intelligence operations in industry often need access to high-quality aerial imagery to:

  • Provide tactical reconnaissance products to conduct operational functions and indoctrination/initial training, monitor and document operations and exercises
  • Support cost-effective aerial C4ISR activities in complex environments/media
  • Conduct surveys of all types, particularly those employing tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Fuse and integrate aerial C4ISR to designated networks




The ADA Solution

ASSIST-U.S. ADA and GIS services can help your organization deal with the complex tasks of:

  • Performing in-depth operation and training assessments, operations, and after-action surveys to enhance planning, performance, training and achieve mission objectives
  • Developing customized mission profiles, including use of designated in-flight observers to perform missions
  • Protecting critical areas of operation, unit personnel, and mission integrity.

Organizations that partner with ASSIST-U.S. experience increased organizational efficiencies, reduced operational costs and enhanced personnel safety, among other benefits.

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