Substation Vegetation Survey

The Challenges

Operations, Vegetation Management and Emergency Management directors and managers for utility organizations frequently need access to high-quality aerial imagery to:

  • Perform routine infrastructure security monitoring
  • Identify ROW obstructions and other infrastructure-specific problem areas of power distribution lines, natural gas and oil pipelines
  • Respond quickly to natural disasters, human factor emergencies or search and rescue situations.

These decision makers employ our services to receive timely and cost-effective storm damage assessment and maintenance surveys.


The ASSIST Solution

ASSIST’s ground-based and Aerial Data Acquisition (ADA) solutions can help your organization efficiently deploy and control resources with minimum risk to personnel and make prompt, well-informed on-the-spot decisions when time is of the essence to preserve life and restore services.

Organizations that partner with ASSIST experience increased organizational efficiencies, reduced operational costs and enhanced personnel safety, among other benefits.

Our ground-based ROW video service offers utility emergency management and disaster response directors a cost-effective and speedy method for identifying pre-storm trouble spots and later determining the extent of damage to lines and other critical issues. This service helps you direct your crews to specific locations needing immediate attention, helping to restore power and satisfy customers.

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