Vehicle Tracking

The Challenges

Public safety organizations – law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security – often need high-quality aerial imagery to:

  • Monitor areas of interest to discover illicit, illegal or prohibited activities (whether domestic or external threats)
  • Assess and respond to emergency situations as they unfold
  • Support and reinforce existing law enforcement or emergency response efforts

These decision makers are using our services as valuable tools for command and control of resources, cost savings, and saving lives. We have similarly demonstrated their value to responders in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters for resource deployment and for personnel security and safety.


Structure Fire Observation

The ASSIST Solution

ASSIST Aerial Data Acquisition (ADA) solutions can help your organization deal with the complex tasks of vehicle and fugitive tracking, suspect identification, drug lab detection, firefighting, responding to accidents, illegal border crossings, port security breaches and similar activities.

Organizations that partner with ASSIST experience increased organizational efficiencies, reduced operational costs and enhanced personnel safety, among other benefits.

View a sample of our still and video imagery portfolios in the Media Gallery.




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