ASSIST Cessna O2 Overwater Observation Platform

The Challenges

Port and maritime security providers often need access to high-quality aerial imagery so they can quickly respond to unexpected events requiring rapid assessment and response. Aerial data acquisition (ADA) solutions provide essential visual information and situational awareness for many different situations:

  • Monitor areas of security concern to discover illegal activities or vulnerabilities
  • Assess, report and respond to unfolding emergency situations
  • Support and reinforce existing law enforcement, homeland security or emergency response efforts

Port Security Survey

The ASSIST Solution

Aerial Data Acquisition (ADA) solutions provide aerial full motion video imagery in both standard and high-definition daylight (EO) and night-time/thermal (IR) formats, recorded and/or streamed in real time, as well as high-resolution still imagery.

ASSIST ADA solutions can help your organization deal with the complex tasks involved in mitigating or responding to port, coastal and littoral security breaches, to port, ship-based and ocean-based infrastructure attacks, as well as to perform tactical recon overwatch and search and rescue (SAR) missions.

View a sample of our still imagery portfolio in the Media Gallery.


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