The Challenges

Campus Aerial View

Schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions with large campuses often need high-quality aerial imagery for:

  • Emergency planning and response
  • Security and risk assessments
  • Infrastructure planning and development
  • Insurance inventory and claims
  • Marketing and communications

The ASSIST Solution

ASSIST Aviation Solutions’ high-quality aerial data acquisition (ADA) imagery services and solutions can help your institution deal with the many and varied issues that affect student and faculty safety and security, as well as help enhance your public presence on the Internet and in other visual media.  Our CampusViewSM portfolio of customized products address the following critical concerns for private school consideration:

Perimeter Security

Safety and Security

  • Safety/coordination with local first responders (police, fire)
  • Risk mitigation
  • Event plans
  • Emergency Response


  • Coordination with first responders
  • Post-event documentation & evaluation
  • Insurance claim validation


Marketing Visuals

  • Aerial oblique & panoramic views
  • High definition images for the website & publications
  • Documentation of outdoor events (sports, graduation, parades, etc.)

To Learn More

Contact our Sales Department: 603-505-4668, x102, or if your organization has already identified a need for aerial imagery and you would like to explore your available options, or to request our brochure, which details the capabilities, benefits and cost-savings of our solutions to your discipline.