Our team brings you three qualities essential for satisfying client needs:


  • A business and operations team of professionals with decades of collective experience in business, high tech, aviation, ADA, surveillance and analysis
  • Expertise that ensures all custom-designed missions acquire the deliverables that meet your organization’s goals

High-quality Aerial Imagery (View our media gallery)

  • A uniquely integrated system of light aircraft and state-of-the-art aerial cameras and communications technologies
  • Day light and nighttime/thermal sensors that capture and transmit full motion video or still imagery in real-time


  • Aerial imagery services that reduce manpower costs and provide greater resource control
  • Cost effective missions designed to save time and money by efficiently acquiring, analyzing and archiving critical information

Our Commitment: We will meet your ADA needs by:

  • Delivering recorded and/or streaming aerial video and still imagery to your ground-based devices/locations.
  • Acquiring your imagery using light aircraft to record and transmit digital and infrared full-motion video and still imagery.
  • Ensuring you obtain the imagery you need when and where it’s needed.
  • Meeting your organization’s visual information and situational awareness needs.
  • Allowing you to deploy your resources more efficiently and safely.
  • Enabling expedited decision making.

Contact our Sales Department for more information: 603-219-0922, x103 or info@assist-us.com.