Forest Health Survey

The Challenges

Environmental science/research organizations often need access to high-quality aerial imagery to:

  • Monitor and document project progress from planning and approval through completion and acceptance
  • Provide visual evidence for impact assessments of accidental and illicit discharges and damage
  • Conduct surveys of all types, particularly in remote or rugged areas

Effluent Observation Survey

The ADA Solution

ASSIST-U.S. ADA  services are an essential component of scientific survey projects and can decrease the time required to survey large areas for environmental impact statements and for documenting government compliance regulations.

Organizations that partner with ASSIST-U.S. experience increased organizational efficiencies, reduced operational costs and enhanced personnel safety, among other benefits.

View a sample of our still and video imagery portfolios in the Media Gallery.



To learn more:

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  • Submit this form to receive our ADA services data sheet for environmental researchers, which details the capabilities, benefits and cost-savings of our services to your discipline.