Curt Harvey, Director of Aviation Operations

Mr. Curt Harvey joined ASSIST in June 2014 as Director of Aviation Operations and pilot. In this position, he is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the company’s aviation operations, staff, facilities and equipment, focusing on our fixed wing fleet.

Mr. Harvey has over 27 years of aviation experience in worldwide flight operations, training, systems development, and quality management. His 24 year U.S. Air Force career involved flying six different military aircraft types and accumulating over 5,000 flight hours, including over 950 combat hours in Afghanistan. It culminated as the deployed commander of the only Air Force unit operating the E-11A aircraft. He led an organization with over 70 people comprising active military and contracted civilians in an austere combat environment.

Mr. Harvey’s flying experience includes 14 different types of aircraft and counting. These varied from 50+ year-old planes to new business jets right off the assembly line. He has flown everything from large airline type aircraft like the KC-135, to small aerobatic jets and turboprops like the T-38 and T-6, to business jets like the Bombardier Global Express and several general aviation types. He has directed flight operations in training and operational environments on numerous occasions.

Mr. Harvey has led a management team overseeing a $240 million budget funding a diverse array of developmental projects to enhance interoperability between disparate, multi-service tactical data systems. He has participated in the development and in-flight testing of aircraft systems and payloads, along with the review of design changes and equipment specifications. During his deployment to Afghanistan, he was responsible for the employment and continued operational development of payloads on experimental aircraft during round-the-clock combat operations.

Most recently, Mr. Harvey was also the Aerospace Program Manager for a global leader in Quality Systems Certification and guided a diverse team of auditors in the AS9100 certification activities for over 70 aerospace clients worldwide. He conducted the technical reviews of ISO9001 and AS9100 audits that encompassed over 500 audits annually. He also was an external lead auditor for companies providing a wide variety of products and services, including information technology (IT) and software.

As an adjunct professor for Daniel Webster College, Mr. Harvey taught courses in airfield management and aircraft operations. He was also the School of Aviation’s curriculum manager and initiated partnerships with industry to develop an IT infrastructure integrating classroom and online self-study. He was also an instructor pilot in their Part 141 flight school.

With a degree in Civil Engineering, Mr. Harvey has been a project engineer for multiple construction projects that included a $5 million aircraft hangar, base fire station, aircraft parking ramp and taxiway, road construction and contaminated soil remediation. He has also performed survey and layout for municipal utility and road construction jobs and inspected municipal road and utility construction activities from design through completion to ensure compliance to design specifications and drawings.