Highway Overpass & Off Ramp Construction Site

The Challenges

Consulting and environmental engineering organizations often need access to high-quality aerial imagery to:

  • Monitor and document construction project progress, from planning and approval through completion and acceptance
  • Educate key stakeholders about construction and environmental projects
  • Provide visual survey evidence for environmental impact and site assessments


Hurricane Irene Flood Damage Survey (VT)

The ADA Solution

The ASSIST-U.S. ADA services provide consulting engineers and project managers with the affordable, cost-effective and efficient visual information and imagery they need, from initial baseline assessment to on-going/follow-up flights and surveys; from property and asset surveys to illicit discharge violations.

Organizations that partner with ASSIST-U.S. experience increased organizational efficiencies, reduced operational costs and enhanced personnel safety, among other benefits.

View a sample of our still and video imagery portfolios in the Media Gallery.



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