Marine Avian Survey

In 2001, when a private business consortium initiated an effort to build the nation’s first offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound, I began conducting scientific research aimed at assessing the project’s potential environmental impacts. The results of these and other similar studies were applied to the creation in 2008 of the Massachusetts Ocean Act and the nation’s first Ocean Management Plan. The data were used also to establish new federal policies that now insure the responsible development of U.S. territorial waters and the underlying seabed. As a researcher who specializes in marine surveys, I have continued to work closely with government agencies at the state, municipal, and federal levels, with NGO’s, academic institutions, private vendors and contractors, and other stakeholders in the burgeoning offshore energy industry.

In the offshore environment, the use of aircraft for systematic, aerial surveys has been, and continues to be, an essential means for collecting many types of marine data. In my current position as project manager for a government-funded avian survey of federal waters off Massachusetts, I have had the good fortune to work with ASSIST-U.S. As a company that owns its own fleet of aircraft with which it provides a variety of professional services for aircraft-based operations, ASSIST-U.S. has been unmatched in their ability to offer us a combination of technological, logistical, and scientific support. This suite of services makes them unique among the companies in their line of business: a one-stop-shop, so to speak. They have applied their technological expertise to modify and adapt their aircraft to accommodate all our onboard needs, and their impeccable attention to detail has been especially impressive as it applies to their vigilance with aircraft maintenance and their adherence to all safety standards. Their innovative approach, flexibility, reliability, and the skills of their veteran pilots have made ASSIST-U.S. a joy to work with.

Simon Perkins
NoticeNature Consulting
Concord, MA   01742