Aidan Seltsam-Wilps

Aidan Seltsam-Wilps has been a pilot since 1993, with over 2900 hours of flight time. He graduated from Daniel Webster College with a B.S. in Flight Operations/Aviation Management in 1997 and graduated Cum Laude from Nashua Community College in 2011 with an A.S. in Aviation Technology. Mr. Seltsam-Wilps holds a Commercial Pilot’s License in single and multi-engine aircraft, land and sea, as well as gliders. He is also a flight instructor in gliders, single engine seaplanes, single and multi-engine land, and instrument instructor. He is also an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. Mr. Seltsam-Wilps’ areas of expertise include creation and publication of training and safety manuals and curricula, tailwheel and aerobatic instruction, composite aircraft repairs, banner towing, and aerial photography and surveying. He served as Chief Flight Instructor and Director of Flight Education for a leading collegiate flight training program for 8 years prior to his current position with ASSIST-U.S.

Mr. Seltsam-Wilps volunteers for a number of non-profit organizations, including the New England Aviation Safety Expo planning committee, New Hampshire Aviation and Space Education Council, the FAA Safety Team and FAA Aviation Career Education Academies. He joined ASSIST-U.S. as the Aviation Maintenance Manager and full-time pilot in November, 2011.