Aerial HD Solar Survey View Cockpit View--ASSIST O2 Overwater Aerial Platform Wastewater Treatment Plant Solar HD Aerial Survey Ocean Vessel Observation Littoral Surveillance-Lighthouse Harbor Security Surveillance Littoral-Waters Environmental Survey Coastal Wetlands Provincetown MA Coastline ASSIST Cessna O-2A Over Water Observation Platform Allenstown NH Flooding Dam, Reservoir & Power Lines Sand & Gravel Pit Small Dam & Spillway Industrial-Building-Aerial-View Power Plant Sand & Gravel Pit Electrical Substation Commercial Building & Parking Lot Campus Aerial View Hurricane Irene Flood Damage ASSIST's Real-time Video Platform Aerial view of Manchester, NH Real Estate Development Industrial buildings and parking lot Tool booth & road construction

ASSIST Aviation Solutions, LLC, is a market leader in the use of light manned aircraft and emerging technologies to deliver specialized missions, aerial imagery and consulting solutions for private and public sector organizations.

The company offers customized solutions that leverage our deep aviation experience and recognized safety system to provide high-quality, affordable aerial imagery/data acquisition and aviation program management solutions based on client needs, such as marine science researchers, onshore & offshore energy producers, maritime security officials, campus security officials (schools, hospitals), vegetation management scientists, utility operations managers, and public safety leaders. Why choose ASSIST?